indoor DAS design / optimization
DAS systems are often installed in venues such as stadiums and high profile government facilities, to smaller buildings such as hotels and corporate offices to help deliver cellular service in dense environments. MobileNet works independently as a turnkey vendor or supports temporary staff to determine DAS design requirements and ensure they are met. Once the system is installed, MobileNet can provide skilled system verification engineers certified on Commscope and CMA to validate that all antennas and components are connected and working properly. The next phase typically involves working with the equipment vendors (such as Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson) on the eNodeB parameter optimization – which has been performed for all carriers. Once optimized, it is typical to perform a final walk for the neutral host provider showing the coverage after the system is installed and commissioned. MobileNet supports both indoor (iDAS) and outdoor (oDAS) solutions.
Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Design

The MobileNet Advantage
  • Experience in walk testing for over 2500 high profile venues such as airports, stadiums, hotels, amusement parks, universities, and business parks
  • IBWave experienced design engineers for DAS networks
  • Use of Geocoding for outdoor venues and node/sector functionality confirmation with DAS zone to SC/PCI validation and DAS to Macro handoff testing
  • Custom backpack solutions combining test phones, scanners and batteries designed by MobileNet to increase mobility throughout a venue and decrease onsite hours


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