On behalf of the ALU RF 4G LTE ATP team, I would like to commend Danny, Reno and all of the MobileNet team for a job well done! Our leadership and other ALU teams has branded our RF team as the BEST in the Nation. This is because our whole team is quite impressive, minimum time to drive and submit ATP’s, plus have a great relationship with our 4G National PM’s – LA Metro, Orange Co, San Diego, Riverside-San Bernardino and Las Vegas. We really make a difference, especially at crunch time. Let’s keep up the excellent work and continue to be the standard that other teams should follow.

West Region SNV Lead, Nokia

California Office:
18 Morgan Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Phone: +1-888-458-2345
Fax: +1-949-951-3667

Texas Office:
3820 American Drive Ste. 100
Plano, TX 75075 USA
Phone: +1-888-458-2345
Fax: +1-972-595-2002