Small Cells provide an alternate solution to DAS that use a small low power microcell that typically provides one carrier on one sector to cover a much smaller area, such as 50 to 100 meters. MobileNet works independently as a turnkey vendor or supports temporary staff to determine design requirements and ensure they are met. Once the Small Cell or Small Cell system is installed and preliminary validation tests performed, MobileNet provides skilled optimization engineers to work on parameter optimization by walk testing the area, making the necessary changes, and re-walking until the required KPI’s are met or exceeded.

The MobileNet Advantage
  • Experience in 3G, LTE, and WiFi
  • IBWave experienced design engineers who can provide Small Cell designs
  • Indoor and / or outdoor data collection of high capacity and priority sites with a quick turn around time
  • Event analysis of a dense HetNet for seamless integration of Small Cell and macro mobile networks by:
    • Identifying interference
    • Provide recommendation for antenna placement and tilts
    • Implementing network parameter changes as required


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