Smarter Cities

Who’s in charge here? A complex question when it comes to the role of cities and municipalities with the expansion of cellular services and the contrast in approaches to accomplishing this goal. Should cities have all the authority and right of way, or should it be the carriers? With recent developments that highlight the role…
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C-RAN Speed Deployment of In-Building Cellular Service

C-RAN is a relatively new concept but may be a significant consideration in widespread in-building deployment. This is especially true for smaller buildings or venues where it is not cost effective to install expensive RF source equipment at an individual location. With C-RAN (which stands for Cloud RAN or Centralized RAN), the baseband processing for…
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Interference in Cellular Systems

Most all of us know that all wireless systems are interference limited. In Macro cellular design, great efforts are made to minimize interference, both internally generated and externally generated from various sources in order to maximize capacity. However, modern wireless systems including LTE and LTE-A (Advanced) are increasingly susceptible to interference due in part to…
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Public Safety Network Testing

Public Safety Networks, including the recently awarded FirstNet system, are an increasing consideration for property owners and operators. The FirstNet network will be a single, nationwide, interoperable LTE based broadband network dedicated to public safety communications. Once built, the network will modernize the communications used by law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel, providing them…
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Integrated Cellular and Enterprise Wireless

One consideration on the design of any wireless system is future support for next generation technologies. Some consideration should also be given to the inevitable convergence of cellular and Wi-Fi which is increasingly integrated with enterprise wireless systems. In-Building Enterprise Wireless Enterprise wireless is already a growing sector as mobile devices drive connectivity away from…
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MobileNet in Cordova, Alaska Fly Testing

Our brave teams traveled to Alaska to check coverage and throughput over Prince William Sound in Cordova, Alaska. This isn’t the maiden voyage, our teams have been braving the harshest and arguably the most beautiful and dramatic landscape for over a decade. Our testing is imperative to the communities in Alaska as they depend on…
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